Intersectionality Reality


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These online Google slides include two 15-minute activities and facilitation guides for each activity. You can do one activity at a time or do them both consecutively in the same session.

Reference: Kimberlé Crenshaw, Pioneer and originator of the term “Intersectionality”

Activity 1 – Intersectiowha?

  • Objective: Understand the origin and definition of Intersectionality
  • Useful for: Level setting on a popular term

Activity 2 – Shaping Up

  • Objective: Share important identities with your teammates
  • Useful for: Seeing people’s layers

Culture Bites donates 20% of all revenue from our Antiracism Series to support businesses and non-profits led by Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). We are currently supporting Nurturing Roots Farm in Seattle.

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Out of stock

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Leah Kyle

Head of HR & Talent
Omnidian, Inc.

I used to spend hours searching for the perfect team-building activity for retreats.

Thanks to Culture Bites, I can get that time back. The activity they provided for our last retreat was perfect – just the right mix of fun and serious.

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Terry Drayton

CEO & Nine-time entrepreneur
Livible, Inc.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. Building a great culture is a key responsibility for a startup CEO.
Finding easy, fun and timely ways to do that was hard before Culture Bites. Our team appreciates the creative ways they’ve helped us have the substantive conversations we need to have.
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John Dickens

Operations Manager Princeton Review Northwest

Culture Bites has been a joy to have in the office.

We not only bonded as a team laughing over our haikus and drawings [from the Creativity & Innovation box], but we were also able to address key problems with our organization.

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