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Get our ultimate culture toolkit for a discounted price! This set includes all of our topics and activities, as well as the accompanying facilitation guides.

You can do one activity or topic at a time, or mix and match to fit your team’s needs.

These are the activities you’ll find in the complete set (see individual product pages for detailed activity descriptions):

Topic: Fearless Feedback

  1. Growing Together
  2. If I’m Being Honest
  3. Feedback Baseball Cards
  4. SBI Miami (Situation, Behavior, Impact)

Topic: Groan-Free Decisions

  1. A Bit Conflicted
  2. Great Debate
  3. Step Into the Matrix
  4. Thumb-ometer

Topic: Think Outside the 📦

  1. Quantity Over Quality
  2. Hats Off to You
  3. Fill in the Blank
  4. Wild Constraints

Topic: Bye Bye Burnout

  1. Cut the Crap
  2. Just Say No
  3. I Think We Should Talk
  4. #Blessed
Number of activities


Time per activity

15 minutes

Total time for all activities

4 hours

Ideal team size

3-10 people

Use cases

Retreats, regular weekly/monthly meetings


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Out of stock

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Customer stories

Customers love Culture Bites

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers think:

Photo of Leah Kyle

Leah Kyle

Head of HR & Talent
Omnidian, Inc.

I used to spend hours searching for the perfect team-building activity for retreats.

Thanks to Culture Bites, I can get that time back. The activity they provided for our last retreat was perfect – just the right mix of fun and serious.

Photo of Terry Drayton

Terry Drayton

CEO & Nine-time entrepreneur
Livible, Inc.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. Building a great culture is a key responsibility for a startup CEO.
Finding easy, fun and timely ways to do that was hard before Culture Bites. Our team appreciates the creative ways they’ve helped us have the substantive conversations we need to have.
Photo of John DIckens

John Dickens

Operations Manager Princeton Review Northwest

Culture Bites has been a joy to have in the office.

We not only bonded as a team laughing over our haikus and drawings [from the Creativity & Innovation box], but we were also able to address key problems with our organization.

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