Google Meet can be as good as (nay, better than) Zoom

Brady Bunch view, Breakout rooms, recordings, and a fun surprise

Google or bust

I like Zoom. It’s great. But when your company is already using Google, it can take a lot of effort to convince everyone else to switch to another platform.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds to achieve similar results with Google Meet.

Brady Bunch View

One of the best parts of Zoom is the ability to see a whole bunch of faces.

Brady Bunch - Imgflip
source: imgflip

In Google Meet, you can’t get as many squares, but you can go from one to four faces at a time by changing the layout.

You can also get all the faces by installing an extension, such as Google Meet Grid View, made by a student specifically for this time.

source: Chrome web store

Breakout Rooms

With Zoom, you can create breakout rooms to have smaller discussions during a larger meeting. This is so crucial to making remote meetings as effective and inclusive as in-person ones.

To achieve a similar result in Google, try creating multiple calendar meetings so you can copy/paste the conference information from the break-out rooms into the main invite.


Recording a training or important meeting is crucial, but this feature has been noticeably absent is the Google Hangouts. Fortunately, Google is giving away Google Meet at least through July 1, 2020 due to COVID-19, which includes the recording feature. Anyone can turn on recording, and it simply shows up in the calendar invite afterwards.

Fun with Captions

The best feature, though, is is the live captioning. Not only is it great for those who need it, but it also is sure to liven up any remote happy hour instantly. And it’s only a matter of time before someone starts swearing to see what will show up. Go on, try it out.

Looking for other ways to enliven your next online meeting? Try the free Culture Bites for COVID (beta) Google slide deck.

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