Changemakers Cap Convention with Culture

"We watched alums who had never met before begin to connect and get to know one another in minutes."

Bringing up the energy

It can be challenging to sustain a large group’s energy throughout a packed day. The Pinchot Alumni Board decided to put Culture Bites at the end of the day to bring up the energy levels while giving alums of different years another chance to get to know each other leading up to the happy hour. The conference group was split into eight groups, with each group partaking in one of eight activities from two Culture Bites boxes: Think Outside The and Groan-free Decisions.

It’s rare that a product can get a group to laugh and have some fun with one another, and then the next minute inspire deep, engaging conversation that pulls everyone in, or better yet, addresses real issues that come up in teamwork. Whether you use this product as an ice-breaker or to deepen existing bonds, it’s truly a great product to have around your office. We recently used this at an alumni gathering and we watched alums who had never met before begin to connect and get to know one another in minutes. Check out Culture Bites today! 

Maren Keeley, Pinchot Alumni Board Member

A Community of Changemakers

Pinchot University (formerly Bainbridge Graduate Institute) has been a pioneer in the sustainability movement, offering a transformative MBA experience with sustainability and social impact woven into every single course. In recent years, Pinchot joined forces with Presidio Graduate School, a long-time sister school. Since the merger, the 16 cohorts of Pinchot Alumni gather each year in Seattle to reconnect with each other and their personal and collective mission to make the world a better, stronger, more just and resilient place through business.

Photo from Pinchot University classroom
Source: Locavesting

As Pinchot Alums ourselves, it was wonderful to share Culture Bites with our fellow changemakers.

You can enliven your next conference too by using Culture Bites.

15-minute activities, no pre-work required.

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