Solar Startup Omnidian Strengthens Culture

Great values, talent and leadership meet great culture building activities

Omnidian is a rapidly growing solar technology startup in Seattle that is accelerating solar adoption through solar performance guarantees. From day one, it has been driven by core values, including “We Mentor and Invest In Our Most Valuable Resource: Our People”. With its strong emphasis on culture, Omnidian has been included as a Best 100 Places to Work in Washington State two years running.

Source: Seattle Business

Like many growing startups, Omnidian leaders faced tough questions about the future:

  • “How can we keep our culture strong as we grow?”
  • “How can we help leaders across the organization cultivate culture?”
  • “How can we do all of this on a startup budget?”

Alongside its many initiatives, Omnidian has used Culture Bites to help address these very questions. They’ve implemented our culture-building activity kits in four key scenarios:

Frontline Team with a New Manager

Omnidian’s customer service team grew large enough to require hiring a full-time “coach”, who used Culture Bites’ complete set over the course of 6 months to create a strong connection amongst this fast-growing team. They used one 15-minute activity per week during a regularly scheduled Friday team meeting. 

“Culture Bites helped us bring out more of our human selves. From that very first exercise I got insight into what my coworkers are like outside of work, which in turn helped me understand their work style.”

Dana H.

Culture Bites created a container for vulnerability within the workplace, where that can be hard to achieve early on. As a new employee at the time, it helped accelerate those bonds of trust.

Emily K.

All Company Retreat

Omnidian hosts an all-company retreat twice per year, flying in remote employees. This is a big opportunity to strengthen bonds and build excitement.

I used to spend hours searching for the perfect team-building activity for retreats. Thanks to Culture Bites, I can get that time back. The activity they provided for our last retreat was perfect – just the right mix of fun and serious.

Leah K, HR
Culture Bites activity at all-company retreat

New Remote Team

Omnidian expanded its customer service team to include a Boise branch. This team grew from one person to four in under a month. For the management team, maintaining that strong culture with this new location was a high priority.

Culture Bites is a fun and time-efficient way to bring the team together on a weekly basis and work on our own self-development opportunities, as well as the team’s development as a whole.  Whenever my team completes a Culture Bites session, we feel more connected as a team and individuals.

Rahel B.
Omnidian’s remote team showing off their Culture Bites

Ops Leadership Retreat

With an expanded Operations department, the Operations Leadership Team had its first retreat for themselves to close out the previous quarter and jumpstart the new one.

We used Culture Bites during a recent all-day strategy meeting.  The structured activities were ready out-of-the-box, which made it really easy to host the session (no prep required!).  And the topic on creativity helped our team think outside the box through the balance of the afternoon meeting

Dave K, COO

We are excited to be helping a great company continue to strengthen its culture. We look forward to seeing Omnidian continue to lead on this front as it grows!

You can join Omnidian and invest in your own team’s culture using Culture Bites.

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