Extinguish Burnout with this 5-Step Check-In for your Team

Allow your employees to remove their masks and show their authentic selves

Employee burnout is real and affects team managers and employees alike. A 2019 Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees found:

  • 44% reported feeling burnt out “sometimes”
  • 23% reported feeling burnt out “very often or always”

One of the causes of burnout is the ongoing energy we use to put on a ‘mask’ at work to hide the stresses or joys we’re feeling in our lives. But how do we unmask ourselves?

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In An Everyone Culture, authors Kegan and Lahey highlight companies that help their employees feel comfortable sharing more personally with their team. This not only reduces burnout but also improves connection, understanding and trust amongst teammates.

Try this 5 step check-in process at your next meeting to help your team members remove their masks, become more present and feel more connected:

  1. Begin with, “Hi, my name is ______.”
    • Yes, this seems silly, but it reminds us that we’re people, not automatons.
  2. Say whatever you need to say to get fully present.
    • A good template (which we can trace back to the Growth Coaching Institute) is “I’m anxious about _____” and “I’m excited about ______”.
  3. Be authentic and un-scripted. 
    • Tell your team this is a safe space to share whatever comes to mind.
  4. It’s completely voluntary to share. 
    • Say “pass” if you’d rather not share today.
  5. Say “Done-zo” when you’re done.
    • This will lighten up the mood a bit because it’s just fun to say.

Have you tried implementing a formal check-in at your meetings? Let us know what’s worked for your team in the comments below. 

You can try this method with your team by purchasing the Bye Bye Burnout box from Culture Bites, which includes a full script to follow and stress test cards to warm up your team.

Handout from Bye Bye Burnout

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